Lynda Carroll

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I am an historical anthropologist, and a professional archaeologist. My research interests include people and cultures of the Middle East, historical archaeology, nationalism, and cultural heritage and community archaeology.

My research in Turkey and Jordan focuses on the archaeology of the Ottoman Empire, and the formation of modern identities in the Middle East. I am interested in how global economic transformations effected people’s lives during the 19th and 20th centuries. I have conducted research on the formation of large farmsteads in Jordan, and how that affected settlement patterns among Bedu. I have also conducted research on the consumption of Ottoman period ceramics in Turkey, and the construction of Turkish and Greek nationalisms on the Aegean coast.

In the United States,  In addition, I  worked in New York in the field of cultural resource management (CRM) for 20 years. At the Public Archaeology Facility at Binghamton University, I was a project director, and  directed over 30 CRM projects. I  have also worked on prehistoric Mississippian sites in the Mississippi River Valley.

From 2001 up to the present, I have been involved in the Public Archaeology Facility’s Community Archaeology Program. This program has welcomed members of the public to join in archaeological fieldwork, and learn about the past as part of local archaeological research projects.

I currently teach Introduction to Archaeology and Introduction to Biological Anthropology at BCC. I have previously taught at Binghamton University, Keystone College, and Cortland College.

Lynda Carroll – Curriculum Vitae

The Community Archaeology Program



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