Kevin Sheridan, PhD

I am a biological anthropologist and professional archaeologist.  My research interests in anthropology include human evolution, anthropological genetics, and the evolution of human behavior.  In addition, I have worked as an archaeologist in the field of cultural resource management for 16 years.  Some of my most recent projects involved isonymy (using surnames as genetic markers),  paleodermatoglyphics (ancient fingerprints) and the study of ancient animal blood residues on stone tools in order to study paleoenvoronments.  I am a participant in the Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program begun by Dr. David Sloan Wilson of Binghamton University, which applies evolutionary theory to a broad range of academic fields.  All of my courses are eligible for credit towards the undergraduate Certificate of Evolutionary Studies offered at various SUNY colleges and universities.

Kevin Sheridan Curriculum Vitae


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