The Hunger Games: Spring 2014

The Hunger Games  – SUNY Broome Edition

Students Do Experimental Archaeology, Discuss a Competitive Atlatl Team.

The question posed to the class was this:

Does the use of an atlatl (a spear thrower) significantly increase the distance someone can throw a dart?

Like last year, students were able to increase their distance using the atlatl. This was significant, since this was their first attempt, with no prior training. Students all agreed that with more training, that would improve.

Only one student hit our target (a laundry basket at 100 ft). So it didn’t matter how far everyone threw their darts.

If we were really out there hunting, we’d all be “going hungry.” Thus, we decided this was SUNY Broome’s Example of the Hunger Games…

As for the Atlatl team, we threw around some names. I personally like Atlatl-Tude.  


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