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Cultural Heritage Project Update: Fire at Local Landmark

A few weeks ago, I posted some of the interesting Cultural Heritage Projects that students from my Introduction to Archaeology class put together. This was their final lab project.

Georgy presented an interesting proposal for the renovation and redevelopment of the old Lincoln Hotel on Clinton Street in Binghamton. The proposal was interesting, and was well received – by her peers in class, as well as by some of my colleagues. 

Sadly, today I read in the Press and Sun Bulletin, WBNG, and other news sources that the Lincoln Hotel caught fire, and has been badly damaged.  The building has been deemed a total loss.

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“A Total Loss.”

According to a quote from the Press and Sun Bulletin:

“No one was inside the vacant building when the fire broke out and no firefighters were injured,” Binghamton Fire Chief Daniel Thomas said.

“From everything I can see here, it’s a loss,” Thomas said. “A total loss.”

While it is still unclear how the fire started, this really is another case of local landmarks and historic buildings destroyed by neglect and lack of resources.

Post Script: What are these historic photos on old Binghamton properties?

I did notice one interesting detail in some of these photos – the large black and white historic photos that were posted on the front of the building.

fire at lincoln 6 with photos

While I have yet to investigate what these are, I have been seeing them pop up on a number of other old buildings.

Does anyone know what they are, or who is posting them?

– Lynda Carroll