Doing Anthropology at Community Colleges

Over the past few years, my goal as an anthropology instructor at a community college is not necessarily to train the next generation of anthropologists (although that would be REALLY great and I am completely up for that challenge).

My goal has been to get students who are taking my courses to start “thinking like an anthropologist.” That means that I hope to help students learn how to apply anthropological perspectives to whatever their chosen career might be.

The American Anthropological Association’s “Anthropology  News” just published this article from the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges on the importance of providing anthropology students with opportunities to apply anthropological concepts to real world concepts.

anth news

Is it possible for students at Community Colleges to get involved in anthropology? I may be completely biased, but I sure hope so! And I think my students are proving me right! Last year, my archaeology students worked on a class project that have focused on using technology to disseminate knowledge about local heritage and history. In a biological anthropology labs, students brainstormed to tackle a public health issue – namely, how can we address issues of malnutrition in our local community? These types of class projects and exercises help students understand that an elective or core course requirement can provide new perspectives on approaching very real concerns – no matter what their ultimate choice in career might be.

For more reading, I highly recommend these sites:

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