The Public Archaeology Facility Visits SUNY Broome Campus

Today, students from the Spring 2014 Anthropology 112 – Introduction to Archaeology class were visited by archaeologist Daniel Seib from the Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) of Binghamton University. Daniel is a Project Director, and is in charge of directing some of the archaeological field investigations within a Cultural Resource Management context. Image 

What is Cultural Resource Management?



 Last year, before work could begin on SUNY Broome’s new student housing project, archaeological investigations had to be conducted to determine if any archaeological resources would be affected. We knew that the Broome County Almshouse used to be located on the campus, so PAF was especially interested in investigating whether archaeological remains associated with the old Broome County Almshouse would be affected by construction. Archaeologists spent just over a week working at SUNY Broome. Trenching discovered part of the old dormitory building.


Seib showed students historic maps, illustrations, and some photographs, which showed how the almshouse complex changed since the 1870s. 


Not sure what the Broome County Almshouse was? Come back in a few weeks and take a look at some of the student projects we are working on this semester! This year, our class Cultural Heritage Project will focus on using technology to get the community involved in understanding local heritage. And students decided that the Almshouse would be a great example to focus on!

Students will conduct interviews with local preservationists and historians, look through archives, and conduct online research.



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