CSI: SUNY Broome

Anthropology 113 lab sections got a chance to practice some forensic anthropology. They were presented with the following scenario, then asked to analyze a series of bones which were used to simulate an area of investigation.

Case Study:
A father and son were hunting on their upstate New York property, near a ravine. Near the bottom of the ravine, they noticed something unusual. When they approached they realized there were a collection of human bones on the surface. They immediately notified the local sheriff’s office.

In addition to the local sheriff’s office, a coroner and a physical anthropologist from the local university were brought to the site, immediately, to investigate. The area first identified by the hunters was called Area 1 (below). After a quick investigation of the site, a larger area with human remains was found beginning about 30 feet towards the east (Area 2). Finally, a small concentration of bones were found about 35 feet to the southwest, and further up the ravine’s slope (Area 3).

Your assignment is to act as the forensic anthropologist and make your report for the sheriff’s office, and provide your professional opinion, in case you need to testify in a court of law.





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